At Handcrafted Therapy, our mission is to provide results-driven massage and skin care services tailored just for you. Each appointment is customized based on your needs at that moment, whether you need to alleviate an area of muscle tension or address fine lines or blemishes.

And you can rest easy knowing that only the best products are used on your skin – from our own massage rubs and scrubs to a premium line of organic facial products made from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

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Massage Therapy

We are an extension of your wellness team. Whether you’re experiencing neck pain, shoulder pain, limited range of motion, muscle tension or similar issues, we focus on results.



*  Certified organic products – no GMOs, parabens, or other synthetics
*  Gluten free, nut free, no animal testing
*  Harvested and processed by hand to ensure delicate plant structures are not damaged
*  Fruits, vegetables, and herbs converted into pulp – not extracts- to retain full power and concentration
*  Cold processed to maintain the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients



For touchable, smooth skin that reveals the most beautiful you.

Our Services

Using the best in Organic products, our facials will give you the specific results you are looking for and leave your skin feeling incredible. 

Are you ready for the best massage of your life? We will listen to your specific needs and provide a results-driven massage therapy.

For touchable, smooth skin that reveals the most beautiful you.

Gift certificates are available in any amount and available online or in the spa.

What We Offer